Featured Homes

A Feature Property will always appear above standard ads on every search results page, making it easier for property hunters to see your listing.

The attention-grabbing benefits of a Feature Property include:

  • A highlighted property profile, appearing above all Standard listings
  • A larger photo of your property
  • An interactive photo carousel

With the perfect combination of eye-catching position and enhanced features it’s no wonder Feature Properties receive on average 2 times more views and 1.7 times more inquiry than standard ads.  It’s an effective way to get the best results and attract more buyers to your property. To ensure your property is a Feature Property, talk to your agent about upgrading your listing and your results.

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~Open House

An Open House is a great opportunity to give buyers and sellers an opportunity to increase exposure on homes. If interest rates are low, or there are a variety of home choices available, or there is a first-time homebuyer tax credit available that has to be in place by a certain date, then an Open House is an incredible opportunity.

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~Recent Homes Sold

Browse recently sold house prices and values of houses in (city). Great for discovering comps, sales history, photos, and more.

Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a real estate agent or just someone who’s nosy, browsing recently sold house prices and values is much more relevant than what it was listed for. Preview pictures of the sold properties to see how they compare to the one you are considering.

Another useful application for buyers is the ability to see which real estate agents are performing best in certain areas. Before picking an agent, a buyer wants to see which agent represented the most buyers in a particular neighborhood.