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Moving Tips: Getting to Know the People Next Door

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By Diane Schmidt When we move into a new neighborhood, building or city block, we always wonder who are our new neighbors. Finding the time to introduce yourself is usually left to chance. After a move, there’s just so much to do that we often leave getting to know the neighbors until last, and more often than not, it’s something …

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Selling a Home? Top 10 Turnoffs for Buyers

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By Janet Wickell Are you selling a home? Did you know that even though home buyers are all looking for something different, the majority of them will turn around and walk back out of your door if they notice one or more of these Top 10 problems.   1. Odors House odors are number one on the home selling uh-oh …


Selling a House? Boost Home Value With These Scents

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By Heather Levin Realtors always say that your home needs to smell great before a showing. The idea is that comforting smells like fresh-baked bread or cookies will make prospective buyers feel warm and comfortable in this potential “home” and therefore be inspired to make an offer. And even for those of you with no plans to sell your house, …

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home

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How much is permanence worth to you? One of the non-financial benefits of buying a home is that you know you can live in it indefinitely. You don’t have to worry that the landlord will raise your rent 20 percent, or demolish the building to turn it into something else. You can renovate the kitchen or paint the shutters according …

3 Reasons Now is a Great Time to Buy

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There has never been a better time to buy a home this year. And yet despite three major advantages for homebuyers, sales so far have been slow. Buying is cheaper than renting in most markets. And with mortgage activity down, originators, one would think, would be bending over backwards for applicants. More people want to be homeowners, even younger buyers. …